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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women to achieve their wildest dreams through real "konnections", strategy, accountability and pushing past their comfort zone.

About Us

We're proud to be the #1 community for women's networking, and we offer a range of events, exclusive memberships, masterminds, and challenges that are tailored to help you achieve your goals while building real relationships that last.

If you're looking to grow your business, expand your network and surround yourself with like-minded women, KonnectHer is where you belong

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This Community is FOR YOU if...

You want to connect with women to achieve more clarity, feel more confident and stay accountable to your goals

 ✨You’re committed to taking action; to creating routine, structure and schedule; to holding yourself accountable by showing up, putting in the time and energy that’s needed to grow your business.

 ✨You want a support system of other women who openly talk about what has or has not worked in their business.

  ✨You believe being surrounded by a network of other successful female leaders would help you stay motivated and excited to continue to grow.

Listen To The KonnectHer Podcast

Inside the KonnectHer Podcast, our main focus is to “Konnect” you with the strategies, resources, mentors, and community you need to grow your business.

Each week you’ll hear from Sam, Rach, and other top experts in the industry as they share the exact strategies they used to reach success so you can take the practical steps in taking your business to the next level.

We get vulnerable. We get real. We get a little uncomfySee you inside

Meet The 

Why We Started KonnectHer

We are Sam and Rach, the founders of KonnectHer, a women's networking company dedicated to supporting female entrepreneurs. 

Throughout the years we have become multi 6-figure business owners, public speakers, super connectors, and business mentors.

We are committed to pouring our hearts into everything we do and it is now our mission to impact as many women as possible.

In less than a year, we were fortunate enough to launch a top-ranked women's networking company in Austin, TX, and grow a community of over 10,000 women. We have organized over 100 LIVE in-person events, which reflect our passion for creativity, personal development, and vulnerability.

We feel privileged to be able to make a difference in the lives of women and will continue to do our best to positively impact as many as possible.